Sideline Magazine - DP

CEOXiME already appeared on a few samplers in their homeland (USA), but I think they're less familiar to most of you. Their style has been built up with a strong wave basis, but the more I walked through their demo, the more I perceive pure electronic structures which even move on the border of modern electronic. There's also a vague, but irresistible mystical element by the way of singing. The female vocal parts are like emerging from the depths, like a magical elixir... Notice by the way that next to some remixes, this demo also contains work from other bands that has been remixed by CEOXiME. The first pieces aren't fully worthwhile [ed. note-remixes for CEOXiME by other bands, some removed from official release of Vibrant Grey], but the second part (simply entitled bonus tracks) sounds pretty cool! You can here listen to the remixes the band realised for other formations like Diverje, Noxious Emotion, Function 13 and a few other ones.
From Dust - E. David

CEOXiME is a duo now emerging from the Detroit electro scene, and while I suppose comparisons to Collide, Waiting for God, et. al. are inevitable at this point (since CEOXiME uses a similar formula of electro/industrial with ethereal female vocals), in all honesty, I think CEOXiME have the potential to possibly even surpass the aforementioned. hEADaCHE�s electronics are cleaner and more creative (with the added bonus of being guitarless...), and Tatiana�s vocals have a more innocent, airy quality to them (without sounding quite as contrived) as the above-mentioned�s sometimes do. While technically an E.P., Vibrant Grey plays more like a full-length (even despite the abundant remixes, which, for a change, are quite different from the originals in most cases), and is rarely repetitive. To be truthful, I can�t seem to keep this disc out of my player-it�s that good! A very impressive debut, definitely recommended to fans of the sub-genre...

Mindless Faith/AlterCulture Records - Chris Sevanick

CEOXiME is nothing short of awesome! Beautiful female vocals are supported by innovative genre-breaking electronics, memorable synth lines, and a mellow beat. If I was signing anyone, CEOXiME would be at the top of my list. I can't believe they haven't been snatched up by some other label yet??? They are the best down tempo stuff I know of! This is the CD I listen to when I'm just chillin.

Metrotimes - Melissa Giannini

A dark stream of conciousness picking up elements of trance and jungle along with weathered rock and sharp twigs along the way. A sample-laden maelstrom, CEOXiME sweeps the city with a new shade of industrial.

MK Ultra - Moe Wyoming

CEOXiME is a two-piece electronic outfit from Detroit that features Tatiana on vocals and hEADaCHE doing all the programming. Tatiana has a divine voice, surely bestowed upon her by angels. The programming and keys draw a fine line between your typical skitter-scatter reverberations and a tunnel of trippy, time-warp sounds. The cascading beats swirl like smoke and create a spacious climate for Tatiana's wails and echoes...There's 13 of tracks on this album, which can be purchased through the Web site. Don't be afraid to give this album a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Specimen - J Danos

With its unique combination of militant beats and Tatiana's soft ambient vocals, it's easy to see why Invisible Records is eyeing the latest release from Ceoxime. Vibrant Grey captures the genuine atmospheres from your favorite 4AD releases and gives them an electronic twist. Mixing up the compositional styles with each track, Headache keeps the album interesting and provides a sensible sonic soundscape with occasional Dive-esque rhythms, sometimes leaning towards modern trance. Vibrant Grey is tentatively scheduled for a February 2002 release.

"Subsume" starts the disc off wih dark atmospheres and wailing female vocals in the vein of Android Lust. The aural image is complimented by droning subs, a house beat complete with claps, and resonant fluttering synths. The synths are subdued and light, always bowing to the sublime dominance of Tatiana's voice.

The "Needles Mix" of "Sister Sin" is next, with its pulsing synth bass and echoing vox. Bubbly hi-end synths seem to float and fade into the mix. A forceful hi-hat restlessly pushes the rythm.

The "Crazy Mix" of Innocence changes the pace with "crazy" samples and frenetic resonant synths. Swelling ambience, piano accents and drums engulfed in reverb create a nice 4AD feeling.

Dreamy atmospheric vocals compliment a trancey synth lead (think Time Modem) on the next track, titled "Hidden Affliction." An ominous sustained bass plays leapfrog with subtle paino accents. Minimal overdriven kicks are impregnated with jungle hihats. Watch your heart rate on this one.
Be very afraid. The "Dissolve Mix" of "Afraid" will surprise you with its rogue bass and hard distorted kick. Delicate atmospheric synths present a Bites era Skinny Puppy charm.

Alien pads, slow building drumloops and spacey ice crystal melodies create an other-world experience which successfully distracts you from the "Horror Inside."

Borrowing some gritty rythms from the digital school of Gridlock, "Vibrant Grey" combines throbbing subs, drum n' bass elements, and sporadic malignant bass sounds. Tatiana's vocals are complimented by distorted male whispering courtesy of Function13.

Adding a middle-eastern flavor to this already schizophrenic disc, "Innocence (Avatar Mix)" takes a soundtrack pad loop and swelling synths and infuses them with some unique sampled vocals from Tatiana. Subtle gated effects dance with the fast beat as funky samples breath some bounce into the cerebral mood of this song.

I had heard the "Esion Mix" of "Scream" once before on a comp, and I am still convinced that this is a fascinating mix. Gutteral vocal effects, bizarre samples, subtle guitar sounding loops and a Shamen groove create a track not unlike something from FLA's Intermix sideproject.

The "Heartless Mix" of "Sister Sin" seems to slow the pace of the original, without losing the pulse. A minimal delayed bass and creeping rhythm create a backdrop for hidden vocals and tweaking hi-end pulses. The track progresses with a slow build like a traditional trance song, sans the repetitive beats.

A restless synth sequence and obnoxious beat follow in the "Demon Trance Mix" of "Subsume." Swarming Lords of Acid-styled leads and VNV Nation's version of Trance beats create an excursion that doesn't do the original version justice.

The Drum N' Bass influenced "More Afraid" packs more punch, with its dualing vocal effects and vocoders trampling over fragile pianos and trembling strings. A slick mixture with give-and-take attitude renders an enjoyable balance of obsession and fear before the song breaks down to a minimal beat.

Ending this disc is a remix edit by Ceoxime of a Crashsite68 track. "Exostatic" sounds like a traditional trance song, with a swollen, muted intro. Piano accents and female vox create a feeling similar to some of the dance remixes of Delerium's latest work, albeit Tatiana's voice is much more subtle and not quite as confident and in-your-face.

Fans of The Azoic, Android Lust, and Fockewolf would really enjoy this disc, as well as anyone looking for a refreshing mixture of hard but soft, cold but warm, alien but somehow human electronic music.

Jam Rag

This eclectic piece of electronica like many things and nothing I have ever heard of before. There are only vague characteristics we can use to term or codify CEOXiME psychotic performance. I hear grand world music and gothic influences next to deep industrial leanings and a love for Europop. There is also a project mentality expressed on the CD. The listener can tell that CEOXiME is a variable concept, rooted in a simple one, but ever expanded upon in collaboration or remix. Sonically it's more urban-goth and vocally I hear more respect being paid to Excessive Force and Susan Vega...Many songs are beautifully crafted and dwelled upon, still others are more raw and spontaneous. The live version of the album's title track, "Vibrant Grey" is an excellent work compete with growling zombie voices. I hope the final release includes the live, as well as a studio mix. Perhaps the band can do a remix EP of the title track and call the remix CD "GRAY V2". I am jumping ahead of myself. Speaking of remixes, one of the best songs on Vibrant Grey is "Scream" as remixed by Esion, fellow Detroit Electronica Coalition member, of which CEOXiME is heavily involved in. I must also say, that the vocal track of "More Afraid" has got to be the first time I have ever heard an auto-tune effect sound musical. I thoroughly enjoyed this music, and I am a convert and a fan now. The band has been teasing fans with pre-releases for a while. I hear an amazing potential from the standpoint of production. Imagine all the input that has gone into it so far! How long will we have to wait!!??

RhythmUS Network - Thengore

CEOXiME are a taste of the new sound coming out of Detroit, MI these days. A dose of heavy electro from hEADaCHE brewed with the witchery, Darkwave flavored vocal stylings of Tatiana. A very nice combination of styles for electronic music fans who also love the styles of bands like Bell, Book & Candle, Deep Red and the EBM music styles. The beats are heavy but not too overpowering. hEADaCHE also ads a bit of nice dark cords in the background, a touch of harpsichord-type sounds and quite a bit of effects to flavor it all with at the start of the album then builds the entire thing into a more Electronic Body "rockin" Music blend. There is obviously a bit of techno influence here as well. Despite the name used by this electronic musician his music will not give you a headache. It's wonderful, dark, ambient, beat-heavy and overall lovely. I especially love the way Tatiana's voice blends with hEADaCHE's dark ambient stylings on tracks like "Innocence". What a great mix! The track builds up slowly and draws you into it's trance-like pulse. However, the very next track "Scream" is a bit more in the EBM vein as the album builds into some bonus track remixes of other bands. This album is like a small self-contained "dark-culture" nightclub. It's great!!

This particular CD contains remixes of tracks by Noxious Emotion, Diverje, esion and Paul Reset. It also has a bonus 13th track strictly by CEOXiME titled "More Afraid" which is another amazing electro-ambient-trance-darkwave track. Track 1 of this CD is also featured on D[elEcTROnIc]T a various artist compilation by the Detroit Electronica Coalition. 

This is definitely a new sound for Darkwave with the more modern feel of electronica. I expect we will hear more of this new sound from Detroit in the future and look forward to it as this has been a long time in coming.

The following tracks can be heard on the IRB Industrial Radio:
Sister Sin (V2)
Innocence (avatar mix)
diVERJE - Suspicion (hEADaCHE mix)
More Afraid - Angie Keiser

Let me just start out by saying that there are a lot of electronic oriented bands in Michigan that do not get the recognition they deserve. Ceoxime could be considered one of these bands. Had they not put their information on the Michigan Artists site, I may not have heard of them, nor have had the privilege to hear the unique sounds they create. This CD is filled with whacked-out, yet danceable rhythms, creative "how did they do that?" synth sounds, and vibrant, illustrious vocals which at times, sound like an angel's voice bellowing amongst the darkness surrounding some of the melodies.

One of my favorite tracks on the CD is "Innocence" (crazy mix). In the vocals I hear sounds reminiscent of Dead Can Dance and the Cocteau Twins; strong yet airy and ethereal. The rhythm of this song is mind boggling. It moves along quickly, while establishing a groove, only to leave it behind, then come back again. Another track worthy of discussion is "Sister Sin" (V2). This song has a medieval/goth industrial feel to it. The melodies are dark, with a mixture of dark and light vocals. The song presents a combination of aggression and beauty all wrapped up in layers of ear pleasing sound. There is also the 7th deadly mix of this song, which pounds out a techno-like rhythm, almost along the lines of Nitzer Ebb, with layers of rhythm tracks that seem to fall on, then slightly off of each other to give a really great effect. Finally, the song "Sky" (hEADaCHE mix) by Esion is another great one on this CD. It has a smooth house/techno feel to it that provides a mesmerizing groove and soothing vocals. This song gets my official "booty-shaking" seal of approval.

This CD will get your body moving, but don't get me wrong, the songs on this CD are also very well thought out, well structured and contain complex melodies and vocal patterns. I am thoroughly impressed with hEADaCHE's manipulation of the "machines" that were used on this CD, and am equally impressed with the vocal abilities of Tatiana. This CD strongly confirms that good electronic music is well and alive in the Detroit area!!! Check this band out, I assure you, you will not be sorry.

LEGENDS Magazine - Marcus Pan

Images of decay, corrosion, rust and brittle cracking metal carcasses of days gone by. Echoes of loss and despair blowing like subtle breezes through the back of your formatted and unpartitioned mind - Detroit's CEOXiME bring a computeresque yet breezy feel to their music. Survivors of previous band Format C:, CEOXiME are the trance-inducing nightmares of decay and desecration of hEADaCHE on machines and Tatiana on vocals. Their music is a strange hybrid of industrial synths, jungled drums and high-floating vocals that come together to create an eerie landscape that has a Bladerunner sensation riveted throughout. It's not quite strong and gut-wrenching - yet it's not quite ambient and melancholic. It's somewhere in between. A stasis between joy and hell, love and despair.

CEOXiME are part of the Detroit Electronica Coalition, a series of industrial and electronica artists from the Michigan area. It wasn't until I discovered D[electronic]T (reviewed in a previous issue) that I discovered how strong of a scene Detroit has. The groups are seemingly woven together, like a patchwork steel quilt, with one band sharing members with other bands and with this kind of thing going on you know that the scene is going to be strongly supportive of each other. This has bred a strength into the Detroit electronic music scene that surpasses many others and is beginning to rival even the European masters in countries across the pond in its power and influence.

Let's discuss their music now. CEOXiME use a blend of a number of things, creating a trance-like nightmare. I'm used to happy trance - trip hop. You know: My Scarlet Life, Brian Eno, AFX - stuff that typically makes you feel good. CEOXiME is different in that their flavor of trance is more touched with sorrow and is not suited for the happy X-taking crowd. Instead it's trance goth style, with a morose blend of chords and sounds that twist around a darker entity. One of the closest sounds to come from a recent band, just to give you some semblance of an idea, would be Collide.

CEOXiME creates the type of music that can be remixed and recreated at a very basic, underlying level without losing the gist or direction of the original arrangement. Indeed much of the work here on this demo CD are remixes of older work - and they invite on another of my Detroit area favorites, esion. Track two holds the song Horror Inside, which is in some ways brightly moving in the keyboard arrangement with a toy piano melody kicking off the track. But with a unique sense of contrast, hEADaCHE wraps the bright melody with windy synthetic chord choruses that wrap around to create a near-nightmarish ensemble. The rhythm is always changing - a consistent quality of hEADaCHE's machinations that you'll see as the CD moves to other tracks. Tatiana has a sultry flavor to her voice - a sexy, succubus feel to it. It almost joins the arranged chords played on the keys to become a multi-faceted chorale.

Now an example of what I mean by the "mixability" of CEOXiME's creations. After listening to track two, the original Horror Inside, you can now jump to track seven, where esion delivers his version - which remains the same in idea, but is extremely different in make-up. esion has a more computeresque and industrial approach, keeping much of the chord progression in the background but adding in a more solid metallic-riff style to the front. Tatiana's voice isn't as plentiful, esion only taking certain samples of her (such as "Scream...!") and applying it. The toy piano becomes more of a data-blip sound. But still - the contrasting intention of Horror Inside is shown with the metal-against-wind quality of the chords.

Innocence, which starts this demo CD I have, is one of those trance-like songs that has many, many counterparts and sounds to it stitched together and held in place by a strong beat track. It is an example of their more floaty work, the depressive-trance style I foreshadowed earlier in this column. A softer and more rave-friendly remix of this track is found on track 5. While esion remixed CEOXiME's song Horror Inside, hEADaCHE has taken esion's song Touch the Sky and remixed this into a very fast-moving electronic/techno hybrid. It is swapping mixes like this that shows how strong and supportive the Detroit scene can be.

CEOXiME - now I'm not quite sure what the name is supposed to mean definitively, but I am quite sure I know what it means musically. You can not have love without despair nor joy without sadness. CEOXiME will bring you a set of dance/trance style music that has a darker edge - and that makes it more real. Somebody has to bring these X-ers down - not everything is lights and euphoria. Balance your dance diet with a bit of moodiness - it'll make you more whole.

JWZ rants: best of 2003 - Jamie Zawinski

Another electronic band with etherial female vocals, though with more traditionally "industrial" or EBM rhythms than High Blue Star.

Online review - Herr Stalhammar

rating: 4 of 6 
Yet again I start to compose a regular review knowing not what should I say in regards to it's subject. Even though I get high on electronic music, it's always somewhat difficult for me to describe what the hell is this or that effort all about. The same case with CEOXiME, if you didn't notice it earlier. "CEOXiME" features seven (as well as three bonus) tracks of mild, even serene at times, yet atmospheric electronic music with celestial female voice. No doubts, this combo (?) contrived to come up with a truly unique form of ambience, however...However, I don't really know if I know what I have to say here. Sorry for the pun, ladies and gentlemen. 

Remix reviews

See Uncoiled Loops website

Compilation Reviews

Black Sheep Zine - Matt Ossen

Re: Collective Consiousness
A very hypnotic Industrial masterpiece with really cool female vocals, and multiple break-beat rhythms in the midst of chaos! Picture KMFDM if they were 100X better and lacked the "We think we�re so great" atitude!

Space Junkies

Re: Collective Consiousness
I absolutely love this compilation album, there's some excellent examples of industrial music on here that will blow your mind. There's music by: ENDIF, PTI, Y-LUK-O, CEOXIME, INFINITY INTERRUPTION, CRUCIFORM INJECTION, SEALED IN SILENCE, CRYOSTATE, 12 STITCHES, LUKOTYK, and COMPLIANT. This is by far one of my new favorite compilations (at least for this genre of music).
Rating: 10+/10

Chain DLK - Marc 'the MEMORY Man' Urselli-Schaerer

Re: Collective Consiousness
The collective of Thirdwave Collective artists that released this, offer their various assorted blends of powerful rhythm noise, industrial, ebm, dark and noise and include Endif (one of the founders), PTI, Y-Luk-o, Detroit Electronic Coalition's founder CEOXiME, Infinity Interrupt, Cruciform Injection, Sealed in Silence, Negative Gain's label owner's project Cyrostate, ex-Necrophilia members' new project Twelve Stitches, Y-Luk-o's noise side-project Lukotyk and Compliant.

Detroit Intelectronic Listowner - Krhn

Re: delectronict2
CEOXiME's "Subsume" is a really nice ebm track. The electronics are fairly simple but very effective. The strength of this track is with the ethereal female vocals. The singer has a great voice that compliments the music well and adds another dimension to trip hop's ever evolving sound.

Sideline Magazine - DP:7/KMR:5/6

Re: delectronict2
...CEOXiME features angelic female vocals and the floating electro arrangements belong to the absolute pearls of the sampler!

Tentacles E-Zine - Squid

Re: Static Landscapes V1 - good
... Highlights include the Lost Signal track Abscence (Cesium 137 Remix) (Track 3), CEOXiME's Scream (Esion mix) (track 8) and Moksha's Self Torture (track 11)...

Specimen - J Danos

CEOXiME's contribution is next. "Subsume" features the forlorn wailing vocals of Tatiana, riding alongside a clapping trance beat and dark droning subsynths. Fans of Android Lust would really enjoy this track.

Specimen - J Danos

Re: Static Landscapes V1
...The next song by CEOXiME is spatial and chock full of bizarre loops and stuttered female vocal samples. Distorted synths kick in, creating an almost guitarlike effect. A triphop groove ensues, creating a textured and smooth progression. Picture Heavy Water Factory crossed with Mentallo & The Fixer and you might come close.

LEGENDS Magazine - Marcus Pan

Re: D[elEcTROnIc]T
Innocence by CEOXiME A great song to go into following Jason's soundscape style, you can still hear a bit of the Kraftwerk influence permeating Innocence by CEOXiME. Along with many of the tracks here, the STRESS! Factory is the studio in which these rhythmic movements were laid down for our enjoyment. The computer format is still here in full strength - on their website CEOXiME is defined as a "computer virus damaging permanent devices and destroying memory. Music destroying all knowledge of time and memory." The musical style isn't destructive sounding - it's more of a low-key groove. Tatiana is the female vocalist, providing an echoing and lovely spin that works very well with the trance/jungle rhythm. Lastly, their website kicks MUCH ass. Definitely check it out for the aesthetic value alone even if the electronica music style doesn't appeal to you.

Outburn Magazine - JC Smith

Re: D[elEcTROnIc]T
...CEOXiME follow that with the vacuum packed female vocals, squishy synth and quirky percussive smack of "Innocence (crazy mix)."

LEGENDS Magazine - Marcus Pan

Re: delectronict2
Another returning act here with CEOXiME's Subsume. Low brow, minimal sounds, but keeping the rhythm interesting. Tatiana's vocals are divaesque, spiritually uplifting and, obviously then, rather well done. I haven't seen an official full length from CEOXiME yet, but check out the review of their Demo . Subsume, while not my favorite on D[electronic]T2, remains as a decent track.

Im Rythmus Bleiben - Thengore

Re: delectronict2
CEOXiME also appeared on the first DEC release. They have a distinct sound that rides between Darkwave, Electro-Industrial and Drum'n'Bass.

From Dust - E. David

Re: delectronict2
...Needless to say, there is something for just about anyone into some form of underground electronica on here (a personal highlight for me is Subsume by the Collide-esque CEOXiME)...


Re: delectronict2
The DEC mastermind showing his craft. Entering the female fronted Darkwave/Trip Hop/EBM forefront.CEOXiME is one of my favorite female fronted "DARK" acts.Sultry emotional filled vocal's bringing to mind The Shroud and Virelie.Smooth melodies and overall well mixed track.

The Chickenfish Speaks

Re: delectronict2
My favs on this comp were Esion, CEOXiME, Filament, Spacescape, and Heterosonic.

Delusions of Adequacy - Jeff

Re: Notes from Thee Real Underground V1
...CEOXiME also has some cool Eastern feel to its sorta up-tempo trip-hop songs...

Gothic Beauty - Jett Black

Re: IndieNation
...CEOXiME follows with irresistible seduction in "Sister Sin".

Music: Response - Daniel (909) Lackey

Re: Notes from Thee Real Underground V1
Intriguing combination of harsh electronics, trip-hop structures and jazzy rhythms. The vocals on this track are delivered in a bluesy style, a lot more interesting than those on the act's previous track, which is on disc two. Very nice.
...I was most impressed by the CEOXiME and Vodka9 offerings...
...Am I going to track down and follow any of these artists? Well, I suspect I'll be hearing quite a bit about CEOXiME, since they're heavily involved in the Detroit Electronica Coalition , and I intend to follow the DEC because I like the idea (and I think we need something similar here in Chicago)...

Reviews of Concerts

Altar Native - Cristina Przykucki

Motor Lounge hosted a great line-up on Thursday, October 26: CEOXiME, Blush, and 19.5 Collective. The crowd seemed mesmerized by all three acts; the two-person collaboration CEOXiME kicked off the evening led by haunting vocals from frontwoman Tatiana, backed by hEADaCHE on keyboards; together these two will send chills down your spine...a most enjoyable performance.

Jam Rag - Alex V.

CEOXiME (DEC): Now featuring myself (Alex from AprAxiA) on drums, our show went great, except for some crappy generator noise. Tanya belted out hits like "Sister Sin," "Subsume," and the CEOXiME cover/remix of Crash Site 68�s "Exostatic," while Rob kept it real with the mixing and keyboards. Did you see all those creepy monsters dancing to "Vibrant Grey?"


Unknown Reviewer: ???
Ive had this damn CD on repeat forever - sometimes I think Its the most boring god-awful crap Ive ever heard and sometimes I think this is one of the greatest CDs out there. I guess thats what I get for being a manic-depressive.