hEADaCHE re:mixes
Here are remixes of other bands by hEADaCHE of CEOXiME. E-mail me for some sound clips. -"RATES"

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Original Artist Remix
Bold = released
Pigface Bitch (hEADaCHE remix)
Suck (hEADaCHE remix)
Love Spirals This Truth (hEADaCHE remix) This Truth
RX KYadmin (hEADaCHE remix) KYadmin
Collide Wings of Steel (hEADaCHE remix) Wings of Steel
Christ Analogue Sore (hEADaCHE remix) Sore
Croc Shop Generation (2nd Generation mix) Generation
LiveSexAct New Version (hEADaCHE re:mix) New Version of You
Suspicion (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Stimulate (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Noxious Emotion     Mystery of Life (hEADaCHE re:mix) X
DiVERJE /Soul Circuit Stronger (hEADaCHE remix) Stronger
Terrofakt Alf (hEADaCHE remix) Alf
Acumen Nation Recaster (Meaner than God mix) Recaster
Cyanotic Suspension of Disbelief
    (hEADaCHE remix)
Suspension of Disbelief
UV Skeletal (hEADaCHE re:mix) Skeletal
Crash Site 68 Exostatic (CEOXiME re:mix) Exostatic
Entluften Inner spirit (hEADaCHE remix)Inner spirit
Endif Ashes (Teardown mix) Ashes
Hypoid Deprograming Deposits of Fat
     (lean mean olean mix by hEADaCHE)
Deprograming Deposits of Fat
things outside the skin Mettle IV (mettle-hEAD aCHE mix) Mettle IV
Flood damage Void Ovoid (hEADaCHE re:mix) Void Ovoid
Silvercord Autopilot (hEADaCHE re:mix) AutoPilot
Slick Idiot Ain't Talkin Bout Love (hEADaCHE edit) Ain't Talkin Bout Love
Asmodeus XMorningstar (hEADaCHE remix)Morningstar
Bottomfeeder Maybe Someday (hEADaCHE remix) Maybe Someday
Five Star Reject T-t-t-trainwreck (hEADaCHE re:mix) Trainwreck
function13 Odoreater (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Prostitute (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Odor (orignial instumental)    
Infinity InterruptEndless Gray (hEADaCHE remix)Endless Gray
TVSkin Deep (hEADaCHE remix)Skin Deep
God ProjectIntolerance (hEADaCHE remix)Intolerance
SMPBeautiful (hEADaCHE remix)
Die4U (hEADaCHE remix)
Color TheoryPonytail Girl (hEADaCHE remix)Ponytail Girl
BrainclawInsekt/Angel (Halo in the Hive remix
    by hEADaCHE)
EurovisionWithout you (hEADaCHE remix)Without you
Ayria Mercury (hEADaCHE r:emix) Mercury
PTI Smoke (hEADaCHE re:mix) Smoke
Collidoscopy (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Sky (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Drill the Sky
Cybergeist Angel (hEADaCHE remix) Angel
BioCarbon13 Shut Up(hEADaCHE remix) Shut Up
Saemskin Ode To G.G. Vol. III (hEADaCHE remix) Ode To G.G. Vol. III (tended to)
Little Pictures This House Can Fit Us All (hEADaCHE remix) This House Can Fit Us All
Love spirals downward City Moon (hEADaCHE remix) City Moon
CombiChristThis is my riffle (hEADaCHE remix) - remix contestThis is my riffle
Trotski's block False Breath (hEADaCHE re:mix) False Breath
Paul Reset The Herd (hEADaCHE heard re:mix)     The Herd
Lithium Project Document (hEADaCHE remix) - remix contest Document
Attrition Dante's Kitchen (hEADaCHE re:mix) Dante's Kitchen
Mindless Faith Descent (hEADaCHE re:mix) Descent
Tristraum I'm Under No One (hEADaCHE re:mix) I'm Under No One
Apraxia Stranger (hEADaCHE re:mix) Stranger
Karma Sutra Bhagwan (hEADaCHE re:mix) Bhagwan

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"Rates": I've pretended long enough that someone would want to pay me for this. OK, here's the new rules: Buy my f*@#!'n remix CD and tell me how much you love it. Then ask me to do a remix. Promise me if it gets released, you'll give me 2 copies (one to listen to, one to put on my memorabilia shelf) and promise you won't screw up the credits, as well, promise you'll hit me back when I need a remix. Be open and accepting if I want to promo the remix to several of my favorite DJs (online, club and radio) and open to the idea of including it on hEADaCHE remixes Version 2 (or 3 or whatever) if it happens. You can do whatever you wish with the remix besides make a crapload of cash on it without including me (i.e. sell it to Nike or some crap...now if you make nickels and dimes, don't worry about it).