Track listing for Theta, CEOXiME's final release:
1. One:15
2. Stop in Your Tracks
3. Beg'n'Plead
4. Dirty and Used
5. Seems to Be
6. Tears
7. Sister Sin (oxicodone mix)
8. Stop in Your Tracks (Christ Analogue remix)
9. Dirty'n'Used (King Rhythm remix)
10. Seems To Be (Kritikal remix)
          One-sheet [pdf]

Track listing for Vibrant Grey, the debut by CEOXiME:
1. Subsume
2. Sister Sin (needles mix)
3. Innocence (crazy mix)
4. Afraid (disolve mix)
5. Hidden Affliction
6. Horror Inside
7. Vibrant Grey
8. Innocence (avatar mix)
9. Scream (esion mix)
10. Sister Sin (heartless mix) - by function13
11. Subsume (daemon trance mix) - by Interface (NY)
12. More Afraid
13. CrashSite68 - Exostatic (CEOXiME re:mix)
Other tracks on compilations:
-Innocence (crazy mix) - d[elEcTROnIc]T by the Detroit Electronica Coalition
-Horror Inside - Darkness & The Machine Vol 2 Carpe Mortem Records
-Scream (esion mix) - Static Landscapes Vol 1 on Optikon Rekords
-Subsume - delectronict2 by the Detroit Electronica Coalition
-Subsume (Soil of Sound mix) and
-Beg & Plead - notes from thee real underground on Invisible Records
-Sister Sin (needles mix) - Indie Nation; on dekonstruktion records
-More Afraid - Cybonetix 2002 on DSBP
-Dirty & Used (Hypoidermic Mix) - War Against the Teeny Boppers on Invin-kor
also included on the "multimedia CD":
      Subsume (Manic Depression Mix by function13)
      Subsume (d:konstruct Mix)
      Dirty & Used (Gresade Mix)

-Beg'n'Plead - Collective Consciousness from the Thirdwave Collective
-Vibrant Grey - Anomalous Silencer #6 on Napalmed Records
-Dirty and Used (Silvercord remix) - delectronict3 from the Detroit Electronica Coalition
-Stop In Your Tracks - Ursa Major on Innervenus Records
-Stop In Your Tracks (Soul Circuit remix) - Virus Domestica on Silencer Records
-Seems to Be (Kritikal remix) - Offline Broadcast on
-One:15 - Negative Impact V0.1 on PfF Productions
-Seems To Be - Darksonus Vol 1 on glitchmode recordings

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Released Remixes:

All tracks on hEADaCHE remixes V1 and V2

Collide: Wings of Steel (hEADaCHE re:mix) - Vortex on Noiseplus Records
Terrorfakt: ALF (hEADaCHE re:mix) - Reconstruction on Tinman Records
Crashsite68: Exostatic (CEOXiME remix) - delectronict3 from the Detroit Electronica Coalition
Noxious Emotion: Mystery of Life (hEADaCHE re:mix edit) - Cybonetix 2000 on DSBP
Diverje: Suspicion (hEADaCHE re:mix) and
     Stimulate (hEADaCHE re:mix) - on DSBP
LiveSexAct: New Version (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Acumen Nation: Recaster (CEOXiME mix) - on Invisible Records
Croc Shop: Generations (2nd generation mix by hEADaCHE) - on Metropolis Records
UV: Skeletal (hEADaCHE re:mix)
Cyanotic: Suspension of Disbelief (hEADaCHE re:mix)
things outside the skin: Mettle IV (hEADaCHE remix)

Other Remixes of CEOXiME are available in various locations. Also check out remixes by hEADaCHE.