Early 1999 Mirage Tropics Inteview
(factoid: AfekDead has done guest vocals for CEOXiME, can you guess who he is?)

Various Interviews of CEOXiME and D.E.C. on IPM radio
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N/A: Early 2000 Interview on CJAM

(interview on Mirage Tropics in early 1999)

AfekDead: What are your specific responsibilities?

hEADaCHE: I manage the machines and Tatiana brings the human element to CEOXiME.

AfekDead: Where are you from?

Tatiana: Im from the downriver area.

hEADaCHE: Im originally from Kalamazoo, and now I live in Belleville - the birthplace of techno!

AfekDead: In your own words, what type of music do you play?

hEADaCHE: I guess I would have to say EBM. We try to blend trance and jungle influences with electronic industrial sounds with a touch of darkwave.

AfekDead: Who are your influences?

Tatiana: Well thats a huge list, basically everyone or anyone Ive listened to. Some of my major influences include Bauhaus, Gitane Demone, Christian Death, and of course, Iggy. Artistically I like Niagra of Dark Carnival.

hEADaCHE: Same with me, the list can go on and on. For industrial, I like alot of the old stuff - Skinny Puppy, Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult, Godflesh. For techno, I like the old Art of Noise albums, Hypnotic and Metalheadz labels, plus Im a big fan of Scorn. I listen to alot of "shoegazer" noise pop ala Ride, Lush, Spacemen 3, and Loop.

AfekDead: Who are your influences besides musically?

Tatiana: Basically every one arround me - my friends and family.

hEADaCHE: Me too, plus Nietzche, Terry Gilliam, David Cronenburg...

AfekDead: What's your favorite album?

Tatiana: Hm...It would have to be Iggy Pop - Party. The one with all the bubles...

hEADaCHE: I would have to say My Bloody Valentine's Loveless...

AfekDead: What equipment are you using?

hEADaCHE: My arsenal is pretty limited. My main keyboard is Ensoniq EPS16+ - a sampler which most of my sounds come from. I also have a DX27 (Yamaha), a Peavey Profex, Roland M120 mixer, Beringer Compressor and a Alesis 30 band EQ. I just recently picked up a Alesis D-4, and I am looking to get a Digitech Quad4. I also have a bass, guitar, and a bunch of pedals I dont use anymore...

AfekDead: Name your favorite piece of equipment and why.

hEADaCHE: Does it have to be one that I own? I could name a bunch of keyboards I would love to have! Of the ones I own, definitely the EPS16+. I would be lost without it.

Tatiana: My voice box. ;)

AfekDead: Do you have an album in production?

hEADaCHE: Right now I am organizing the Detroit Electronica Coalition CD. I will include many of the Mirage Tropics bands - maybe we should change the name? ;)

AfekDead: Who is producing the release?

hEADaCHE: What is producing anyhow? As far as who is funding it, all the bands involved are funding their portion of the release, and they will be selling a portion of the final CDs. It is to be mastered at Stress Factory Studios.

AfekDead: What record label is releasing the forthcoming work?

hEADaCHE: Well, Detroit Electronica Coalition has no intention of becoming a label (right now at least).

AfekDead: What's it going to be released as?

hEADaCHE: CD only.

AfekDead: Can you explains the writing situation?

hEADaCHE: I write chunks of songs, then have Tatiana listen and pick out which ones would make good songs. I then complete the song, then Tatiana puts the lyrics to them.

AfekDead: Where do practice, write, etc?

hEADaCHE: Right now I have my setup in my living room. Since we arent doing any shows soon, we dont practice together.

AfekDead: What is the main focus when writing lyrics to your music?

Tatiana: Probably mostly personal experiences. I write lyrics in a very strange way, I usually sing whatever comes to my head - right in the studio - and amazingly the first take is usually the best one!

AfekDead: Do you have any upcoming shows?

hEADaCHE: No, Just working on the Compilation.

AfekDead: Have any advice you would like to give to other musicians?

hEADaCHE: Me? Give advice? Shouldnt they be giving me advice? If you play an instrument and want to play out, and dont think youre good enough - thats crap! Just get out there and do it! You surely have to be better than me! Also, dont focus too much on equipment. Crappy equipment can get you along way. Just look at some of the gold record selling techno artists (May, Craig, etc), they started with a $100 keyboard and $50 drum machine. I know alot of musicians who buy piece after piece without fully investigating what each one does. If learn your equipment you could get better sounds from a $100 keyboard than someone who has $5000 worth of equipment.

Tatiana: Dont worry too much about the money aspect to music. If you concentrate on the music it will all come together.

hEADaCHE: Oh yeah, and dont eat yellow snow.

AfekDead: Have anything you would like to say to your fans?

Tatiana: Thanks for listening!

hEADaCHE: Dont eat yellow snow either.

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