Tatiana on vocals
hEADaCHE on machines

How do you pronounce CEOXiME?


CEOXiME - - n. - 1. Computer virus damaging permanent storage devices and memory. 2. Music destroying all knowledge of time and memory.

"Producers dream of finding a voice like hers when they place ads in the music classifieds. It's a lucky thing, for us and for CEOXiME, that hEADaCHE and Tatiana were brought together through one of these ads. In the early years they were known as Format C:, a project that fragmented in 1997. After their early work together, the creation of CEOXiME was inevitable. The connection between hEADaCHE and Tatiana was intense and magnetic, and they began new studio work within months of the breakup of Format C:. My innocence is fading away, sings Tatiana on the first released CEOXiME track on D[elEcTROnIc]T. This girl sings like she means it. She tasted operatic vocal training in school, long before she drifted into electronic music, and it shows. It's clear she's tasted something much darker than that, too. Please don't leave me alone, I'm scared of myself-her voice on Horror Inside pleads with us, chills us, and strikes a very secret and shared nerve-the spot at the base of our skulls that twinges when the lights go out.

And what about the man behind the machines? hEADaCHE seems close enough to touch, creating gorgeous, hypnotic, and trance-inducing music. We feel his hands on the synth keys, his fingers turning the knobs. hEADaCHE combines elements of trance, jungle, and trip-hop with the classic sounds of industrial and darkwave, making CEOXiME an indispensable part not only of the Detroit soundscape, but of the growing global sound of electronic music."
     - DJUNA

What does CEOXiME do besides creating stunning music? In early 1998, hEADaCHE realized CEOXiME didn't have the resources to promote their electronic music in Detroit, but also realized other artists would be in a similar situation. A coalition of artists could help promote each other and help spread success - the Detroit Electronica Coaltion was born. hEADaCHE single-handedly gathered 15+ musical groups to pool their resources to produce D[elEcTROnIc]T. The overwhelming demand from the artists has allowed hEADaCHE to continue the series with delectronict2. In early 2002, hEADaCHE moved to Chicago, allowing CEOXiME to call 2 cities their hometown. CEOXiME has released on Invisible Records, DSBP, Carpe Mortem and Dekonstruktion Records, provided numerous radio station interviews, performed at many top venues and with many well known artists. Additionally, hEADaCHE has remixed for many other artists, including Noxious Emotion, DiVERJE, Paul Reset, LiveSexAct, Mindless Faith, Endif, Acumen Nation, Attrition, Lithium Project, Slick Idiot, Terrorfakt, Croc Shop, Collide, Dope and Pigface.

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Why the little i? Truthfully, CEOXME (no i) is the computer virus, but try pronouncing that :)