MusicWerks interview 12/4/04

MW: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule…

h: Time out of my busy schedule? Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. What do you have? A store, a label, a band, a magazine, a production company…is that everything? I can't imagine doing all that!

MW: Yeah, well, thanks for sitting down with me for this interview.

h: Yeah, I almost didn't want to do it.

MW: Why?

h: It just seems I sometimes get caught up in the "next level" mentality. You start wondering, "Why am I not getting the press, the shows, record label attention and such." You start focusing on that, maybe affecting your style and you start doing things you that just don't want to do. I wish I could avoid that.

MW: Gotcha. So do you want to talk about your release?

h: Sure! I did ask for the interview! In the pipes is Fully Automated: The hEADaCHE re:mixes. It features 14 remixes and a cover song that Tatiana and I did of "Exit Music (for a film)" which is a Radiohead song. Tentative release date is Dec 15th.

MW: Tatiana and you are CEOXiME?

h: Right. She's the bigger Radiohead fan; I'm more of a recent convert.

MW: So who else is on this CD?

h: Collide, Hypoid, Diverje, Soul Circuit, Croc Shop, Silvercord, LiveSexAct, Noxious Emotion, function13, things outside the skin, Bottomfeeder, Endif, Flood Damage, and Five Star Reject. The majority of these tracks are previously unreleased, and the Radiohead cover is exclusive. There's a bonus website with several more remixes as well.

MW: Nice list, how did this come together?

h: I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a bunch of my remixes on a CD such as 26 Remixes for Cash [by Aphex Twin]. I contacted all the bands I remixed in the past to see if anyone was interested, and voila! Enough interest and now it's finally coming out.

MW: So, for the new listener, what would you compare your sound to?

h: That's a hard one. I hate it when bands say things like "we're unclassifiable" or "this is a totally new sound." This isn't either of those, of course, but I have a hard time pinning down a description.

MW: Well, I hear some industrial, some drum'n'bass, some techno, some downtempo…

h: Yeah, I kinda mix it all together…I think one reviewer said "broken beats," that somewhat describes some of my music. Ed from Entluften once said he wanted a hEADaCHE remix in the "hEADaCHE style," so maybe I do have something I can call my own. I think it happens that I hear something in a song I'd like to bring out or something new I'd like to incorporate-like I was listening to a lot of Godflesh when I did the Brainclaw remix-I think some of that style landed in there. For Croc Shop, I was listening to a lot of Plastikman. For Collide, it was Dieselboy. For LiveSexAct, it was probably Portishead or possibly RevCo. Sometimes, like things outside the skin, Endif, and Hypoid, I hear some new direction the song could go while I'm listening to it.
You know what, I'll tell you what this album is not-it's not another half-assed attempt at future-pop club anthems. It's not "on the forefront" of the industrial or future-pop trend. And it's not just throwing 4 on the floor beats on top of an already existing song. For instance, the Diverje/Soul Circuit is completely different-it goes from a club track to a messed-up d'n'b style and even the vocals are totally changed in phrasing and style. There are enough elements there, though, so you know it's the same song. And finally, it's not "product." It's good music I really enjoy and something I believe in.

MW: How'd you get into remixing?

h: Funny you might ask. I think my first remix was Noxious Emotion in 2000. I forget how it went down, but I think I contacted NE and got set up with the files, and gave them a remix they ended up using on Cybonetix 2000 [on DSBP]. Actually, I gave them two, an extended version and an edit version. The extended version is on this CD, the edit version showed up on Cybonetix. After that remix I was hooked. MW: And the others?

h: I met artists through the DEC [Detroit Electronica Coalition], the Notes series [compilations on Invisible records featuring new bands], Thirdwave collective, shows, and the occasional "remix contest," as well as straight-up e-mail.

MW: So what other artists have you remixed?

h: Coming out shortly is Christ Analogue's album, Bitcrusher Remixes. Also on Invisible is Acumen Nation's Coming Down and Tinman put out Terrorfakt's ReConstruction. Cyanotic's Mutual Bonding through Violation was one of my clubby mixes, as well as the remix on UV's Remixes in a Different Light. Other ones that have been released appear on The hEADaCHE remixes. Some remixes I've done will probably never see the light of day.

MW: Such as?

h: My favorites would be Pigface's "Bitch," Lithium Project, Attrition, Ayria, PTI, and a cover song by Slick Idiot. MW: What song did they do?

h: I'm not supposed to tell.

MW: Come on.

h: Sorry, my lips are sealed!

MW: OK…So, what are you doing to get to the "next level"?

h: Ha! Hopefully nothing I wouldn't do anyway.

MW: Then, what can we expect in the future?

h: I think I want to try another remix disc. Maybe I can release some of those never-before-heard remixes. Who knows? I definitely like remixing; I just finished SMP, Entluften and God Project. And there are more in the works. I suppose another CEOXiME album needs to come out, too. I'd be interested in hearing what people out there want to hear.

MW: How would people let you know?

h: contact me through the website [], or on the CEOXiME message board hosted on

MW: Thanks again, hEADaCHE.

h: Thank you!